"I was born into a Catholic family. This definitely had an impact on my life, but I never took the faith as my own until a great friend of mine reached out to me and invited me to a Catholic conference called SEEK. I came out with wonder and a desire to receive more from the Lord, to experience and know the deep love that He has for us, a love that I was missing. From then my life and faith has really been a journey. I continue to say ‘yes’ to Him, and I continue to be bold and fearless for Him, and the more I do this the more He works in my life and the life of those around me. God is way too good." 


"With Stella et Tua and the SET Movement, I’ve seen God fulfilling the most deeply-set desires of my heart. I’m able to exercise my creativity, while also putting into practice what I’ve learned as an Advertising major. Having the opportunity to use this experience for the glory of God and to strengthen my faith is a beautiful gift, and I am eager to see this movement grow."


"I’ve always been pretty into my faith, as some would say, but I truly claimed my Catholic faith as my own in college. As an introvert, I was nervous starting at a new school, but I found the Catholic Campus Ministry and immediately got involved. The community I found there truly inspired me to draw deeper into authentic relationships, not only with my peers, but with God. I’ve been able to discover the beauty of the Mass and what it’s like to truly love God."


"I grew up in the Catholic faith, but grew complacent along the way, especially in high school. I told myself going into college that the only thing I would do with regards to my faith is attend Mass on Sundays, but I found a Catholic community that invited me in and pushed me deeper into my faith - the exact opposite of where I had been planning to go, and I could not be happier for my plan to have failed. I attended almost every event they hosted and found myself falling in love with the Lord in a way I never thought I'd be able to, and I discovered a funny thing along the way - He loves me too! The presence of the Lord in a strong Catholic Christian community is real, and I'm forever thankful to have found Him and a home within one."  


"I was always drawn to the idea of true love. For years, I sought it in all the wrong places. Though I was fortunate enough to have a family who raised me to believe that He is real and He is good, I didn’t really begin pursuing Him (and allowing myself to be pursued by Him) until my freshman year of high school. My heart was tired and I felt like my spirit was never satisfied by what the world promised me to be “fulfilling.” When I finally let my guard down, I encountered His love in the rawest form while on a retreat... and my life has changed completely. Since then I have been involved in Bible studies, high school youth groups, college campus ministries and young adult movements (just like this one)! I have been called out of my complacency to lead, and with His grace, I will never stop answering His call."  


"I am a cradle catholic. Went to CCD classes, went to mass every Sunday, and was confirmed by age 14, before that, it was all just routine for me because of my parents. That soon changed after confirmation, the holy spirit brought me everything I needed in my life, it started with my church’s youth group, in which after a year of being there I was called to be a leader at age 14, from there I found my gifts, my mission, and my dreams. Thanks to the seed of faith my parents planted in me at birth, God has helped it grow into what I now claim as my own."  


"It’s crazy to look back on my life and see the path God has directed me down. I am a cradle Catholic raised in a family who attended Mass every Sunday. I grew up with an idea of who God is. But the summer going into the 8thgrade my Mom signed me up for a Lifeteen summer retreat. I was a little scared to go because I didn’t know anyone at the time, but as always, the Lord had a plan. I ended up having a life changing encounter with the Lord that week during Eucharistic Adoration, one I will never forget. From that moment I knew I was loved and knew I had a purpose, though I forget, a lot. Since that retreat, I have continued to seek the Lord and even though I fail miserably a lot, I know where I want to run!

p.s. thanks mom for signing me up for that retreat"

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