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Our lives of faith are not meant to be lived alone. As brothers and sisters in Christ we are called to make disciples of all nations, spreading his love and word with the world. How do we do this? WE do this as a community. Our church calls us all to be one body. All of us possessing different gifts and different experiences. We each individually represent a part of this body and when we come together we can truly represent the fullness of our faith.

Here in our community page we want to support men and women on a mission who are living out their lives of faith, and sharing their gifts with the world. We want to share their stories and the ways that God has revealed himself in their lives; how He has touched their hearts and those around them.

We as disciples are called to share the good news, and especially the good news that we live in our daily lives. We want to share His love for us with the world, because God himself has shared His love with us and calls us to be a reflection of His love to the world. And there is no greater way to demonstrate His great love than as a community.


Submit your story HERE.

 Please pray before writing up your story. You are sharing a piece of Christ with the world.

• While we don't enforce a word limit, please try and keep your story around a page and half or less.

 Send a couple of pictures of yourself to our email: thesetmovement@gmail.com

 Give thanks to the Lord!


 We will review all stories and our team will pray about it and get back to you




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