About Our Blogs

Our blogs are ways through which the members of our team can express what God has put on our hearts to write about. It is how we get to share our experiences with our faith and our experiences with the Lord with you. As such, we hope and pray that the content of each blog might touch your heart and stir you to dive deeper into your faith and deeper into your relationship with the Lord.

Blog topics can range from more personal stories like testimonies or insights that the Lord has given us, or more informational stories like the lives of the saints. Whether the blog is more personal or more informational, we wish to share with you the things that we have learned in our own faith journeys and hope that you are inspired to continue on your own faith journey stronger than ever before.

After all, we are all on the same journey towards the cross of Jesus Christ. That is a long, tough road to travel but it is one we can travel together as witnesses of God’s love to the world.


would you care to join us?





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